NPOs are already covered as a measured entity in terms of the Codes of Good Practice (the Codes) and are regarded as specialised enterprises (do not have ownership). Their B-BBEE compliance is measured in terms of statement 004 (starts on page 10 of the attached document).

Specialised enterprises are classified in terms of annual turnover, allocated budget or gross receipts. This means that a specialised entity with R0 and less R10 million annual turnover/allocated budget/gross receipts are regarded an as Exempted Micro Enterprise (EMEs), if annual turnover/allocated budget/gross receipts is above R10 million but less R50 million it is called a Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE), and those with annual turnover/allocated budget/gross receipts of R50 million above are regarded as large entities.

Specialised EMEs are given an automatic level 4 but if it has 51% of black beneficiaries it will be level 2, and 75% black beneficiaries it will obtain a level 1. EMEs only have to obtain a sworn affidavit. See attached template for guidance.

Specialised QSEs have to be verified by an accredited verification agency ( to obtain a B-BBEE certificate. But if it has 51% of black beneficiaries it will automatically be level 2 and 75% black beneficiaries it is a level. Also has to complete a sworn affidavit for QSEs.

Large specialised entities have to be verified by either a verification agency

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