• All EMEs are exempted from B-BBEE compliance and receive automatic B-BBEE Recognition Level 4.
  • An EME which is at least 51% black owned automatically receive level 2 status and those which are 100% black owned receive level 1.
  • EMEs only have to obtain a sworn affidavit or CIPC certificate.
  • The sworn affidavit must be signed by a Commissioners of Oaths.


  • QSEs which are at least 51% black owned or 100% black owned are treated the same as EMEs, they receive automatic B-BBEE Recognition Levels 2 and 1 respectively and also have to only obtain a sworn affidavit.
  • The rest of the QSEs (less 51% black shareholding) must be verified through an accredited verification professional.

Large Enterprises:

  • Large companies must be verified by an accredited verification professional.
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Category: General Principles

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