Any person can lodge a complaint with us by submitting a complete FORM B-BBEE 7 and state the nature of the complaint.

Specifically, a person is required to provide the following information on the Form:

  1. a description of the conduct or practice alleged to be in contravention of the Act;
  2. particulars of a person, sphere of government, entity or organ of state alleged to be in contravention with the Act;
  3. name and contact details of any person that may provide information that is relevant to the complaint to the commission;
  4. information on measure taken by the complainant to attempt to resolve the complaint, including alternatives dispute resolution measures, prior to lodging the complaint and
  5. the way in which the alleged contravention may in the opinion of the complaint be addressed.

In submitting the form, the complainant is requested to attach any relevant information such as shareholder contract, B-BBEE Certificate and company registration certificate to assist us to better understand your complaint.

On receipt of the complaint, we will acknowledge and issue a case number to the complainant within five (5) days, we may request further information by issuing FORM B-BBEE 8, in terms of section 13L, a person may claim that all or part of that information is confidential and the claim must be supported by a written statement explaining why the information is confidential

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Category: Questions from the B-BBEE Act

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