The B-BBEE Commission has considered the B-BBEE certificates listed below as invalid as part of its mandate in section 13F (1) (a) to oversee to oversee, supervise and promote adherence to the B-BBEE Act in the interest of the public. The entities concerned were advised to withdraw the said B-BBEE certificates and undertakings not to use them, and they cooperated with the B-BBEE Commission. These entities have thus not been investigated or found guilty of any wrongdoing by the B-BBEE Commission. Should any of the B-BBEE certificates considered invalid by the B-BBEE Commission be presented to any entity going forward, such entity must reject it and report the matter to the B-BBEE Commission.

|NB:  To inquire about an invalid certificate for this financial year period, please contact the B-BBEE Commission on or Tel No: 012 394 3135