To Lodge a complain, the Complaint must download, complete and re-submit the respective B-BBEE Form to the B-BBEE Commission.

1. in terms of Section 13J of the Act:  B-BBEE Form 7

** NB:  Please note that the complaint form and the file attachments must not exceed a maximum of 15 MB, when submitting through the website.  Alternatively, the file attachments exceeding this size (15 MB), it is hereby requested that the complainant make use of courier services / use post mail / hand deliver to the B-BBEE Commission physical address or postal address respectively.

Please complete the form below and attach all relevant documents.



The Complaint is Against

Organ of StatePublic EntityPrivate EntitySphere of Government


(Please provide nature of the complaint including a section of the Act or Codes infringed if applicable and all information which you think is important.)

(Please articulate what you have done to this far, in addressing the matter you complaining about. Provide all the mechanisms you have used, including the date(s) you addressed your matter, the name(s) of person(s) you communicated with, the location(s), etc.)

(Please herein provide a possible remedial action (outcome) that you will like to see or be achieved after addressing your complain. Please note that the B-BBEE Commission will still investigate the matter and might propose an amicable outcome for both the complaint and the respondent.)


I wish to submit a complaint online with the understanding that the B-BBEE Commission may conduct an investigation or intervene in any manner consistent with the objectives of B-BBEE Act, 2003 as amended. However, I understand that the B-BBEE Commission shall handle my complain without favour, bias or prejudice.

I understand that completion of this form is voluntary, but failure to provide relevant information sustaining allegations of fronting may delay or preclude investigation of my complaint.

I understand that, as part of B-BBEE Commission’s investigation, a copy of this form may be forwarded to the entity that is the subject of investigation along with Form B-BBEE 10 which relates to notice of investigation in terms of Section 13J of the B-BBEE Act, 2003 as amended.

I AcceptI do not Accept