The B-BBEE Commission Brand Promise

"An inclusive economy for all, together."

Inclusive - refers to equal participation, equitable opportunities for of all, and benefits experienced by every section of the society across South Africa. This generally implies a link of macroeconomic and microeconomics factors of the economy for inclusivity to materialize.

Economy - entails the state of the country in terms of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services in a particular geographic region. It is imperative for the country to grow its economy through internal production and distribution of goods locally and internationally, and there is a need for a strong trade investment arm within government that will not only identify markets for locals, but will also ensure sustainability.

Together - forging and forming relations, working as teams and partnering with others to achieve end goal,  private sector, government, labour and civil society - no one should be left behind as we strive for an inclusive economy for all. This economy must effectively benefit all of us, thus we should work towards the same vision as outlined in the National Development Plan, and in line with goals and targets set by Cabinet from time to time.


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