The B-BBEE Commission's Mission

To facilitate the accelerated productive implementation of the Act

Facilitate - to make it easy and possible for B-BBEE stakeholders to comply with and implement the B-BBEE Act by interacting and engaging with them; and by providing guidance and support through advisory opinions, explanatory notices and clarifications, amongst other things, on the application and interpretation of the Act, and implementing education and awareness programmes and corrective measures for non-compliance.

Accelerated - ensuring that transformation moves at a faster pace with a target in mind from the existing baseline, which can be regularly measured to ensure that the country is meeting its economic objectives on equity and empowerment for all intended beneficiaries of B-BBEE. This includes reaching out to those pockets of people, sectors and industries that have not felt transformation and empowerment to date, and enhance the impact of B-BBEE on all sectors of our society. .

Productive - moving to a more applied industry where raw products are transformed into finished products within our country; a state where we do not rely on imported goods for our finished products. We plan to interact with learning and technology institutions, engage with students and youth to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation at a young age, facilitate access to financial and non-financial support and guidance for budding and established companies, not working longer hours but working smarter and creatively, come up with new and innovative ideas and technologies to take the country forward, and provide a conducive working environment where citizens are serviced properly.

Implementation - it is often said that South Africa has the best policies but always suffers when it comes to implementation due to many factors including red tape, lack of coordination, not understanding the vision, implementers not understanding mandate, lack of resources and finances and other related constraints. Thus, it is important that the B-BBEE Commission is properly and sufficiently resourced with the funds, assets and people with the requisite skill and expertise to deliver on the mandate.


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