The B-BBEE Commission's Values

Our operational environment presents various challenges for us, and this include lack of proper corporate governance, fronting tendencies, falsification of empowering credentials, misrepresentation of facts to secure contracts and quick fix solutions to empowerment, all of which present a fertile ground for unethical conduct in and outside the public sector. Having considered this environment and our goal of operating a credible and effective regulatory entity, we have agreed and committed ourselves to live by the following equally important values:


Value 1: An inclusive economy is our first consideration

  • Our first priority and commitment is our national economic interests
  • Our stakeholders are key to us achieving our economic goals

Value 2: Open access and availability to all economic citizens

  • We offer swift turnaround times guided by our service standards
  • We offer fair and consistent redress within the legislative parameters
  • We offer quick responses as we do not own any red tape

Value 3: Impartiality

  • We act without favor, fear, bias or prejudice
  • We handle all matters objectively in living our purpose
  • We respect confidentiality within the law

Value 4: Consistency

  • We provide clear directions and reliable guidance
  • We provide decisions and advice that is consistent

Value 5: Accountability for all decisions and actions taken by us

  • We uphold and respect all decisions and actions taken by our entity
  • We trust all staff to serve stakeholders diligently and professionally
  • We take responsibility for our actions

Value 6: Zero Tolerance for corruption

  • We are committed to proper governance
  • We are transparent in all dealings
  • We do not tolerate any corruption


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